Fill Your Space With Natural Light

Skylights are a unique way to welcome natural light into any space. Built to perform, Velux Skylights are a high-quality product that is constructed to never leak. Choose from multiple options including a “Fresh Air” option that opens, and skylights for small spaces.


The Window and Door Shop is your local Velux Skylights dealer, that features several skylights on display for you to come in and see and operate!

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Electric "fresh Air" skylights

  • Available for deck- and curb-mount installations
  • Allows for abundant, natural light streams
  • Operated to open with a touch of a button

Fixed Skylights

  • Available for deck- mount installation
  • Visually expand small spaces like foyers and staircases with natural light
  • Budget-friendly
Skylights Sacramento, CA

Rain Sensor

  • Manual “Fresh Air” Skylights
  • Available for deck- and curb-mount installations
  • Operable for maximum fresh air flow
  • Release stale, humid air for better circulation

Solar Powered "Fresh Air"

  • Available for deck- and curb-mount installations
  • Solar power that captures daylight for charging—no electrical wiring required
  • Concealed battery and control system
  • Open up for fresh air
Skylights Sacramento, CA

Sun tunnel skylights

  • Bypasses all obstacles
  • Direct daylight to every corner of your home
  • Comes in both flexible and rigid styles
Window and Door Shop Sacramento, CA

Gaby was extremely helpful and patient when I ordered a skylight for our new construction. She was also very helpful when I needed to cancel the order, get a refund, and then subsequently order a different size skylight.  It was a confusing ordeal for me but Gaby made it easy and worked through the issues. The skylight is installed and everything worked out very well. Thank you for your excellent service!


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